I want to burn the night into syllables

I want to go out in a sequin mini skirt and roast myself over coals

dancing until I bleed your DNA

I want to sit here and dissolve into the opaque of the walls and the pitch of my horror.

Your lips are scarlet, when you bite them for wanting

and I feel 16 again

pulsing with the urge to devour

every particle

every fucking falling star

crashing and rising

as we do

retrograde in mercury

15 Replies to “retrograde in mercury”

  1. I wondered where all the comments were, Candice!😧
    (They don’t show up on my WordPress Reader now.)

    Of course, you always write too beautifully not to have any!✨😍

    (So I found them over here. Sorry, I’m a bit slow on the tech side, LOL!)

  2. Thank you sweetheart. Thank you! Many still call me Candice and you called me Candy from early on, that’s how I knew we’d be fast-friends.

  3. Dear Nikita, thank you dearly. I love your work. It is such an honor that you like this. Thank you.

  4. Dear Bartholomew, thank you. I hope the rest of the poem wasn’t a disappointment and I so appreciate you reading.

  5. I would never wish to BE 16 again, but sometimes the feeling … not sure … might make me mad!

  6. Oh goodness, I am terribly disinterested in tech so I am with you there! I think it’s frustrating because (and Thank you so much my friend for taking the time to read this) My reading stats have been way down since leaving WP. I think because in order to read, people have to click and it takes them to my site, rather than WP which makes it an extra step. I so appreciate you taking the time to make the extra step. xo

  7. I wouldn’t be 16 again for any amount of money or power. Still, the best feeling of 16, wow.

    I see notification of new posts in the notifications drop down, but not of comments. If I cn find a way to fix that in Settings, I’ll let you know. I do get email of comments and new posts.

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