Please can you help me? I (Candice Daquin) have been unable to work due to a violent return of Gastric Arrythmia (like Gastroparesis). I’ve been throwing up/diarrhea/extreme nausea for 7 weeks. I first got sick in 2017. Spent years sick, lost my job. It was caused by a virus & has made me unable to eat solids or function. I went down to 80 pounds at its worst. I’ve battled for 8 years. Spent my life-savings. It’s so bad it’s torture. I can’t keep going on like this. The Mayo Clinic (USA) in Minnesota will take me August 14, 2024. I do not qualify for disability because I’m an immigrant. I feel so ashamed to ask for help but I’m desperate to get there. They are my last hope. They have a Gastric Motility Department; the only one of its kind.

I badly need help paying for transport to Minnesota, cheapest-accommodation whilst there and medical tests/treatment. If you can spare anything it helps. I don’t know where else to turn & am so sick. They’ve put me on a wait list so it could be sooner but I have a definite appointment August 14.

I have done a lot of work for free over the years to support people. Please can you help me get there & not drown in debt. Every time I get sick I undo all my hard work. I want to get healthy enough to keep working off debt & help others as I have always done.

Therapists who help low-income patients often get paid $10 per hour & I haven’t made the kind of money I needed to deal with this health crisis despite working my entire life 50+ hours a week. My relatives are abroad & cannot help. Anything you can do to help me is so appreciated. I’m very sorry to beg, I know we all struggle & are asked for money frequently. I will pay it forward if I get better as I always have. If you want to avoid GoFundMe fees I think there are other ways also.

Thank you so much. I’m so ashamed to essentially be begging. But I am.

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  1. Hi Candice, I’ll donate at the end of the week, or if I can send you something via pay pal instead of go fund me to avoid fees, send me an email at with your pay pal info. hugs! I hope you can get there! X

  2. I know how strong that feeling of shame can be with a lifetime of being the helper. My own lessons about it have been far more gentle, but no more welcome. I may be somewhat biased, but you are definitely worthy of all the help you can get, and hopefully, real relief from this illness.

    I’m sharing this to my blog.

  3. YES. I’m so glad you set this up! We will keep you afloat, my friend. 🦦

  4. Thank you for the magick of your friendship all these months and years my bramble rose

  5. Bob I am so grateful to you – for a million reasons including you being such an awesome friend and human being. But also for always reminding me of what matters and what counts. Thank you. I need this to get better.

  6. Thank you Tre for your wisdom always and for your friendship and the joy of knowing you

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