I’m featured here as part of PRIDE 2021 in Wednesday Night Poetry. In this, I’m reading from Indie Blu(e)s award winning poetry anthology SMITTEN featuring poetry by women who love women and some leaders and breakouts in the LGBTQIA poetry community. Being featured in Wednesday Night Poetry, the longest running poetry reading in America, hosted by Kai Coggin, a leading Latin-X queer poet, educator and social activist, was a real honor. I read poems from contributors to the book and my own. If you support the LGBTQIA community, think about sending a copy of this award winning anthology to a friend, it’s a gorgeous testimony to same-sex love.


Kelsey hontz – “Walking by Hot Topic While Announcing Queerness, or so I Hoped”
Talia Rizzo – “This Poem Was Written To The Sound Of Your Voice”
Selene Crozier – “Soft Mouth”
Candice Louisa Daquin – “Waiting for you to read my mind”