Not much is left to surprise

save the ordinary

in their fainted garb

might beget

a ravishing smile

leaving you plummeting

as a star may imagine itself

capable only of shine

until it meets velvet onyx of

empyrean dark star

your mouth has devoured me

in antonym, syllabub, the cleave

of your summon

in the earth’s maw

there are flecks of gold

when illuminated by moon

glow like fireflies

besotted with nectar

returning swallows

gorged on falling light

return to the glittering sapience

of your dark eyes

a little as I

lose myself in the depths

of your outline, how your cheeks

make curtsey with each




13 Replies to “étoile du soir”

  1. thank you so much dearest D. I appreciate that. I have a book of my poetry coming out sometime this year, probably by end of Summer, by Finishing Line Press. First book of poetry of mine since before I got sick. I doubt I will sell many copies but it was an achievement just to put it together. I so appreciate you and your support of my writing. It means so much to me, you know that I have no family who supports me and I see you as part of my support network and crucial.

  2. I really appreciate you. I wish I knew your real name as I wanted to thank you in my upcoming personal stand alone poetry book – although LC is pretty damn cool

  3. I apologise my freind.

    I don’t know what happened but it seemed WP had unfollowed me from you, so I think I missed your post about leaving!! 😞
    I’m so sorry to see you go from here but I hope I have subscribed to your new blog via email 🤞

    Oh, and you don’t have to thank me for anything. But, if you must, LC works just fine 😉👍🖤🖤

  4. You have my friend – I’m so glad you are still here with me

  5. It could be so much worse. I try to be optimistic and positive about all of it. I know I was not perfect either and that people can just not like someone even if they are a relative. It’s sad but surviving is the key. thank you for helping me do that.

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