14 Replies to “JUSTICE – Candice Louisa Daquin”

  1. I’m sick of hearing about this group’s rights and that group’s and the other group’s and up the workers. It’s always men squawking about their rights and the right to go home and beat up the womenfolk when they feel oppressed.

  2. It’s cynicism. I used to be a revolutionary, defender of workers’ rights, minority rights, anti racist, anti-fascist, feminist, Communist, the works. I’ve just got more selective. I’ve realised that the mistake is in thinking of people in the mass. There are rich people who are good people and there are poor people who are atrocious, as well as the more obvious vice-versa. It gets up my nose something awful when I hear people prattle about the French are like this and Gays are like that, Blacks (here that label is worn with pride, I don’t know about anywhere else, sorry if it’s insulting) are like this, and all the people in all of these groups are ‘brothers’ or ‘sisters’. As for religious groups… Every individual is just that-an individual to stand or fall on their own merits. I have no patience with the civil rights activist who treats women like shit, the Communist leader who doesn’t also support gay rights, the gay man who insults women, the Muslim teenager who beats up Jewish kids. We are not brothers or sisters because we share the same complexion or the same bank and I’m sick of the politically correct that pardons unspeakable crimes because the perpetrator was part of a group of brothers or sisters who have some kind of moral clout. Rant over.

  3. Powerfully & passionately penned with raw truth. A truth that desperately needs to be heard & acted upon. The silence, shame, and self blame that accompanies so much of the sexual & physical abuse happening daily in our world must stop. We are all interconnected in a profound & meaningful way in this world. Isn’t about time we started acting like it?

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