I fed the spider

with dead flies

caught by rubber band

the spider thrived

beneath the widow ledge

where dust and mites gravitated

till fat and sate, she gave birth

and the room became a web within a web


I thought, if I were born minature

I would not shelter in the dark

eating flies

but climb instead to the light

and die in full sight

of all the pained glory beyond

my smallness and my web of one

but what did I know of being a spider?

I only fed her, I only watched her devour

the wings of the flies I killed

10 Replies to “I fed the spider”

  1. Perhaps we would feel more kin to spiders if we saw more clearly the webs we weave about us (not just the tangled ones of deceitful others into which we blunder) in our lives, webs within webs catching stranger things than flies.

  2. Thank you very very much for reading – sending you love xo

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