I tore myself on you, baby, I tore myself

until there was nothing but dust and tension and madness

I tore myself on you, baby, I tore myself

until daylight proved false and we entered eternal darkness

where only the grift of each other’s angst

could sooth the thunder

of those wasted years

flaming without fire

25 Replies to “Flaming without fire”

  1. The meat of it all is here for me:

    “we entered eternal darkness

    where only the grift of each other’s angst

    could sooth the thunder

    of those wasted years

    flaming without fire”

    Short, direct, and to the point. Very nice, Candice.

  2. Thank you dearling thank you. As always, you inspire my writing very much. If you can do it, I must keep trying xo

  3. I read this and am sent
    Spinning down paths of memory
    A desire, mad and unconsummated
    Did I tear myself?
    Invisible scars tell that tale
    Were years wasted?
    How to balance
    I know not

  4. If it wasn’t for you I probably would have quit so I have a life-long pledge of thanks to you

  5. I think those feelings are often from the past for some reason, as if they need the past to feel as they do?

  6. Wow! Everytime I read these lines it takes me down another path of entanglements. Makes me wonder if dysfunction is my norm. Great piece, lots of food for thought, Candy. <3

  7. And when they come to the surface they are very present and still strong, perhaps most so when there is ambivalence, like both gratitude and regret, or desire and disgust so intertwined as to be inseparable and neither can be denied or discarded. What is there to do then but howl poetry at the moon?

  8. Since being booted from WP and having to do it via this odd method, I have seen readership drop off precipitously because it’s just another hoop to jump through, so I really, really appreciate it when you read and respond to a post – thank you so much

  9. Dear Bartholomew I so appreciate you taking the time to read this and say so. Thank you dearly.

  10. I knew the short one might reel you in πŸ˜‰ xo if dysfunction is your norm then move over function you bore me! I want what Susi has!

  11. Dearest Willow, Thank you. Thank you so much for always being supportive. My first book of (my own) poetry since I got sick will be published by Finishing Line Press September 2022 and whilst that’s a way off, I’m hoping to meet their target of a 100 pre-order books (pre-order is May 2022 onward) so I can get a decent distribution and finally a book of my work out. Without people like you who have been so supportive over the years I doubt very much I would have had the encouragement and strength to do all this so it is thanks to you as much as me. Thank you for being such a radiant light in this world. You are appreciated beyond mere words.

  12. If you would like to do an interview on my blog about your new book it would be a real pleasure to spread the word. I always love to spread the word. Thank you for your kind words 😌

  13. I would be overjoyed for any promotion of any of our titles – whichever one strikes your fancy I can do a Q&A or just supply information whichever works for you but it would always be a boon to have promotion to help with sales and awareness – thank you for thinking of this! LMK what you need and I shall do it.

  14. I would love that. I recently broke my ‘not on camera’ rule and am going to be on Wednesday Night Poetry with Kai Coggin for PRIDE month – reading from SMITTEN our lesbian/bi poetry anthology. Whilst it’s not my favorite thing (I am a behind-the-camera-type) I see the value and want the publications to get their due. So anything I can do would be awesome, thank you so much for your support.

  15. Will this be a video link, vlog, blog or what. ..we must discuss your up coming book and how I can do a post for you. ..I am away right now but back home on Monday. Wishing you lots of luck for Wednesday Night Poetry. 🌹

  16. I want to post the link to Wednesday Night Poetry here but I have no idea how to do that. I can do any format you want. I am unused to doing these things so if you suggest what works for you and let me know what you need I will be sure to do it and I so appreciate YOU and your support of this project

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