alexander-yakovlev-dancers-everythingwithatwist-17I didn’t have time to un-knot my hair or brush it down

it used to hang to my thighs and I had to cut it

when the sickness came and I was green with bile

all those years I held my hair as my calling card

for I had nothing else

so when you see me this way you know

I’m not pretending anything anymore, this is me

this is the girl you once loved

I remember thinking I was old back then

what a laugh

and time is a cordial of horrors and trickery

what we need to know is, it’s all in the eye of the beholder

so if I feel tired and beat up now, remember, I tell myself

in ten years I will rue the day I forgot to dance

I dance now

bare footed with dirty soles

to the memories of

our liquid union

and planes do not fall out of the sky

the day is quiet

despite the tornado in my mind

I would let you in and not let you out

shut inside me like a favorite book

chapter marked by the sinew of my want

clasp you tightly with my muscular need to belong

within your kaleidoscope, a star in your universe

behind these accoutrements and forbids  I burn electric

you never get too old for longing

I want you to take me in your arms

crush me into sugared pieces

eat each one and never spit me out

I want to become you and stay

inside your candied warmth

where amber things are less real

set in time to wait out storm

but you care about them more

as part of your compass, to set your destination

I was born of your desire

I am now without wing

soon I will fade into pieces

and nobody will pick them up to eat



25 Replies to “Turkish delight”

  1. Your sugared pieces fall no longer into that mouth, but onto the page. The flavors are complex, more than only sweet. Tart and savory, hot and bitter, aromatic and salty, they all are in the mix. The sommelier is both confounded to describe and fascinated.

  2. Beautiful. I think it significant an advert “4 Signs You’re About to Die of a Heart Attack” follows this poem…. in the wake. In the wake, you are emerging exemplary, more precious than gold stripped of dross.

  3. Oh my gosh, this is too good. So many amazing bits, was trying to pick my favourite part but then realised that the WHOLE DAMN POEM is my favourite part! Want to quote all of it.

    You are magic, Cand, don’t ever forget it <3<3<3

  4. Oof! These lines!!! <3 <3 <3 Candice, I hold my breath every time I read your work. Just lovely!!
    "I want you to take me in your arms
    crush me into sugared pieces
    eat each one and never spit me out"

  5. I am in love with this piece. 💗completely in love

    Ps… on a separate note my mother used to order Turkish delights and hide them and eat them secretly. Secretly my brother and I would search them out and eat them too, out of spite mostly. The title made me giggle

  6. I love that you call me Cand – nobody but my oldest friends do and I feel you and I have that ancient friendship and bond. A very good thing my lovely friend

  7. Thank you so much – not been feeling the stuff I have been writing lately really liked what I was writing about 1.5 years ago but I will find that place again 🙂 Thank you xo

  8. Must be fun to be a sommelier mustn’t it? I myself like tart best of all but it is hard to find such tastes. Thank you dear Bob for your always support which means everything to me

  9. I tried to do the post your favorite writers thing as I so appreciated you including me in your list but as my
    FB is all writers I felt I would offend and when the list got over 50 it was unwieldly. so let me just say here you are one of mine and I appreciate being in your list also so much as I don’t take that flippantly

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