If I am anything at all

I am yours

as the sun seeks the center of day to roar her rays

and sake world in golden waves

as earth breaks apart and mountains form

beneath water like temples surge

as your eyes hold me in their sway

the black of them, the holy place

as life lives beneath my skin

only when you seem to exist

there are times

captured and lost

never truly revealed

beyond our understanding

a chime of circumstance and gods

you are the priest to my implore

a song sung in aching hour

the fingers I let loose my soul

you are my gravity

you with your violet and your indigo


there are places so beautiful my breath is stole

yet nothing, nothing, nothing I have beheld

can take the place of you in my heart

you are the missing part

you are the beginning and the circumference

even as I feel your knife

I cleave that much closer

it is my ritual to seek only

that place I call home within your own

we came from the same place in time

I was born of your need to be eternal

without proof of life

I exist and I perish

upon your word

you, the one I turn

you, the birth of me

you, the missing link

you, the key I wear

around my being

let me or deny me

I seek despite myself just one

who will never diminish nor could be

equalled in my heart

for some of us are old fashioned in devotion

a thorn could not penetrate more

that sea within me carrying your salt

if stained glass were more radiant

if storms could pulse with pinkening lore

if the world could find words for such things

I would still be

bare foot running the long mile separating now and then

then when you were my everything

now in the absence of peace

hither no meaning made itself known

for only in your arms I know

that steady belief and spiritual home

strike me dead the day I quit my faith

you are my goodness, you are

my grace

28 Replies to “Grace”

  1. These 2 stunning lines really grab my attention
    “you are the missing part
    you are the beginning and the circumference”

  2. I think we are not granted the gift of great love in order to compare the lesser ones to it and find them wanting, but to inform them, teach our heart in them, among other things, that such grace that can be.

  3. This…

    “for only in your arms I know
    that steady belief and spiritual home
    strike me dead the day I quit my faith
    you are my goodness, you are
    my grace”

    Sums it up perfectly. Beautifully written.

  4. Faith is the substance of things felt yet not seen; these unseen worlds of indescribable joy are more real than anything the physical world can perceive, yet, the true source of all kindness we experience. Without faith and love, and hope and kindness, the density and sluggishness of this outer slowed world wears upon our collective soul. Light such as that you hold within, dear precious poet, is the most powerful force in the Universe. This light within will sustain and nourish you, without ever running dry. It will overflow your pen and fill your heart beyond. This is the true purpose of pain, that it may be overcome by the light. You are in the precious marrow of aliveness and strength. Bless you for your vulnerability, for your one step at a time, sole to road willingness to continue, to bathe in beauty rather than weariness. You are a living miracle and a testament to true healing. Much admired, Candice.

  5. That is a really good way of seeing it Bob. I think we are granted the gift of real love and so if we are, there are no second times there is that one but it doesn’t mean we can’t learn from it and grow as a person. I think if you are lucky enough to meet ‘the one’ there is nobody after that because nothing can exist after that, I am old fashioned in that way

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