Lift her up

there the hang and fall

bestowed in little curtsies

hemming the space we form

in exultant strong brewed motion

plump on passion your swell against think of light

can I possess, what is unbound?

or will ghosts gather your wicked savageries

plant in ground this divining rod

lightning conducts flame like cautious feline

one brush, my teeth, your skin

panther lolling in banyan tree

emerald leaves the size of clenched fists

slick fruit ripe for the picking

a slice of muscled thigh, a twitch, spice, sigh

rising and falling in cotton swell

pass through the fabric holding us back

nectarine and jasmin

pearl slope of your thin back arched against my hand

dieties take turns to spell focus

wisteria and moon glow

crush of posies, carrying arching silouette

how much I have longed for you

this exact shape and time

in emptiness we find familiar fullness

in loss there is a stranger turn a friend

to bid us back to believing ourselves unpicked

we are part of this weave

tight against fabric, space, destined

as I watch the ribbon in your hair

twisting against itself, trying to work its way loose

there is purpose in the dark damson of your eyes

taking me down from my shabby habit

glass creatures beneath sugared earth

melting against the other

a fusion

the shape of us.

(I had this beautiful idea, two people met
neither one was afterward capable
of loving anyone else with the same intensity
because they were made for each other
every part of them knew, nothing could change that
not all the different people in the world and its various temptations
not anything)

62 Replies to “The shape of us”

  1. People much more intelligent than me already wrote their praises, so I’ll keep mine to myself. I will say however that I thoroughly enjoyed the piece, and have recently gone through this situation (as I have before, I don’t believe there is only one true match, or soul mate or person you can love with intensity. I would say since we are ever-changing, so are our partners.) I have already said too much.

  2. YAY! Well when you do please call on me for any help or support you need because I really believe in your writing and would love to support you to do that. We stand together and we are stronger because of it sister xo

  3. Oh yes, for sure! I’m thankful to have many loves in my life – friends, family, my parents (who passed away), sons. (I still feel Arlie’s.) All blessings, all beautiful. And some I’ve never met in person. 😊❤️ Yet, that is….☺️

  4. I do as well. Marriage is hard. Being a couple is hard. Living together for your entire adult lives is really hard. I honestly believe more thought goes into the cake and invitations then the actual vows and what the words mean. I agree my friend, I think it is very rare for soulmates to find each other and I envy the ones that do.

  5. Do you think so? I guess I’m naive or unrealistic but i wouldn’t think if it were right that marriage would be hard aside from if you got sick or there were financial problems, I would think it were easier, that’s why married people live longer than unmarried people. But what do I know? I definitely think being alone is harder than being with someone you love who is right for you. And by alone I mean in your soul. But getting married and expecting a cake walk yeah that’s unrealistic and I know a lot of people do that. I agree about it being rare. I wonder if one day people will find it easier to find each other as everything becomes more universal.

  6. No matter how in love to people are, time and circumstances will always challenge your bond. Since you’re two separate souls attempting to exist collectively, you are constantly having to compromise parts of your own life, desires and needs. I think it’s indeed the rarest of relationships that find a couple whom are both so selfless and in love as to agree upon everything. Don’t you think a soulmate would be a relationship akin to identical twins, except as romantic partners? Or perhaps your soulmate doesn’t have to be your romantic partner. Who knows? I’m a hopeless romantic though, so I can talk about this kind of stuff for days 🖤

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