fffffThe parrot took me to school
not the other way around
though he was made of cloth
he lived
when teachers asked
Candy why do you have a parrot on your shoulder?
I turned, flashed a gap-tooth smile and said
what parrot?
squawk, squawk
the parrot, my secret captain
a life saver for drowning children
learning to swim without floatation device
thrown in the deep end at first a mouthful of water
then spectral lights and buoyancy
I, a reluctant pirate
ransacking empty ships
lest I become immortal
O heaven
when I turn around
he is no longer on my shoulder
smiling with glass eye and slightly damp feathers

0 Replies to “The parrot”

        1. ha ha ha! I was an odd child … little hope for normalacy I’m afraid. Toys were (and perhaps still are) a succor and a comfort. I feel sometimes looking into the old glass eyes of an ancient bear, more warmth and sincerity than those of a human-being. I realize how this sounds but I was a Faraway Tree addict so you’ll have to forgive me 😉

  1. My old friend Norman, an Anglican priest and great sermon-giver, once went into the pulpit with a wooden parrot on his shoulder. It now hangs in our kitchen.

    1. ha ha ha ha! HOW did it get into your kitchen?!!!!! BTW I forgot to tell you when I went to New England I went up to where the Shakers were, to one of their larger places, turns out there are only TWO Shakers left in the entire US and they came from Liverpool, UK (had no idea) and were set up by a woman who basically felt people should be celibate and live for God and live communally, because she’d been married and had many children die. Very interesting. Random aside but I thought it because they did a lot of woodwork – sad to think they are now extinct. Is the parrot painted? 😉

  2. My girls, now grown, still have their beloved stuffed animal friends, Humpty and Ahh Bear, and my husband and I still quote the things that Humpty and Ahh Bear (not the girls) said or sang. You and your parrot would fit right in. 🙂

          1. I’ve found a pattern, so onto it. I was going to say something trite like “Love is all I need”. But then, that isn’t trite at all, is it 🙂

  3. This made me smile 😊 shiver me timbers matey… Doesn’t really fit, but I couldn’t think of any other pirate sayings at this moment. (Reading you has lifted my spirits today… Thanks!!!) ღ

  4. Fuck it! It went off on its own. What I was ABOUT to say was, this didn’t make me smile but choked me up instead, probably coz I’m a weirdo – I want to hug you xoxoxoxo

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