landscape detailsmTurning
touches the stubbornness in some people
depression lifted
how long for?
time enough to notice once more the flush of warm blood and brief vigor as if disturbed from dying we galvanize under rushing water
how the chime of life can bewitch even the leaden hearted with its churlish promise
I would chase with first sound of bird call
dirty my feet in sprint of dawn to watch the thickets light up golden like fairy crowns
feel within a burning longing to forever breathe deeply like a thousand drums
to run then
nay, to hurtle
from weather-vein legacy

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  1. You captured those fleeting moments so well.. May you always chase away those depressive clouds as you run in bare feet to greet the dawn of a new day.. <3 xxx Much Love my friend Sue

      1. Candice.. YOU are also succeeding my friend.. Believe it or not by your bringing awareness… That not all in life have had a smooth journey… But you are a great example of someone who despite it all, is sharing her thoughts, pain, and triumphs.. The world would be all the more empty if you did not share your Brilliance..

        1. I do believe in bringing awareness as you say, though it doesn’t make me popular I feel as you do that these things need to be known, even the unpalatable. Whenever I forget that, I am reminded again as I see someone by the side of the road. Thank you that’s a lovely thing to say, because I have often doubted the value of doing what I attempt to do and to know someone else thinks it’s worthwhile helps a great deal. You are such a supportive friend I hope you know how much that means to all of us who are lucky enough to know you here.

          1. Awww… Thank you Candice… that means a great deal to me..
            Life is not a bed of roses.. I worked with many whose thorns tore deep.. In mental Health.. And if we all looked the other way what would become of the world.. and those who are still vulnerable..
            The worst thing Candice.. Is knowing abuse, is happening every minute.. Awareness is needed and you deliver it in a most Eloquent of ways..
            And if the Truth should hurt.. then let it.. For it is the Truth that sets us Free.. <3

          2. Exactly 0h very well said also. I think so often as society we look away from things we feel we cannot deal with or do not wish to deal with. Another reason to admire you because you do not do that. If more were that way, there would be far less deaths. And sorrows. Empathy and compassion it what it takes and apparently people think that’s really uncool

          3. I am who I am… You are who you are.. and I know whose hearts sit right with me Candice.. And I would sooner have ten thousands of you, than others who have no heart at all..
            It is often our sorrows that make us who we are.. And although my life has been privileged in many ways compared to many .. Ive known depression, had a total nervous Breakdown to the point of going gar gar.. I have know pain of the heart, till I thought it would break in two.. But we are here.. Stronger and wiser.. and helping serve humanity by showing there is Love, and that not all have had an easy journey..
            We are being true to ourselves.. And that is all that counts.. So ignore those who point fingers.. For one day they will have to stand in front of the mirror.. xxxx Much LOVE <3

  2. “Depression lifted for how long” then the word “touching” and the word turning is so symbolic as people with depression often insolate themselves and turn away from others just as others turn away from them when they realize they don’t know what to do. Beautifully written! Thank you!

  3. depression lifted
    how long for?
    In hard diffcult times…depressed needs to be pushed away. One its not good for the mind, body, or soul. Dawn however, we chase to reach for its joy of hope.
    Thank you Candice for you always being you.
    You make the world a better place.

  4. As someone who suffers from depression, I so completely relate to this. Thank you. Sincerely. Thank you.

  5. dirty my feet in sprint of dawn to watch the thickets light up golden like fairy crowns…..
    So. Damn. Brilliant.

      1. I do…and where you are concerned, I most definitely am!….does not make the statement untrue. Much love, Warrioress. <3

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