don’t you think
should come with a disclaimer
do not read as literal
wash on gentle cycle no spin
use bleach sparingly or often
depending upon situation
leave to dry outdoors
don’t put in the tumbler on hot
iron gently or not
I like my coffee black and mornings silent
but for the licorice dogs bark at fleeing squirrel
or jackdaw hammering out his concert
and when the day draws to a close
I like my light diffused and close
leaving darkness to itself
and all the wanderings the mind shall make
haunting this house in repose
to read of worlds you’ll never go
for travel is not as it used to be
stripping shoes and facing x-ray’s indignity
nor indeed our imagined futures it seems
requiring new needles to play favorite song
they say as you age your circle reduces
with regret behind those words
I have no regret of this, life is like a purse
pulled together by string to keep it taut
once filled with coins of many colors
gradually emptying its burden
I find the reduction a balm
within less there is more
time to consider and become still
further into the briar and gallop
you’re never lost if you’re seeking
you’re never found if you don’t let
a hand pluck you from the notion
you’re alone
she turns her warmth across my own
we hold on tightly as we head toward our door
the last to open
the last to close
she is me I am her
we may not be here tomorrow
but still the silver lines of existence shine
like exclamations in claiming dew
drenching our run further
toward the echo of our beginning