don’t you think
should come with a disclaimer
do not read as literal
wash on gentle cycle no spin
use bleach sparingly or often
depending upon situation
leave to dry outdoors
don’t put in the tumbler on hot
iron gently or not
I like my coffee black and mornings silent
but for the licorice dogs bark at fleeing squirrel
or jackdaw hammering out his concert
and when the day draws to a close
I like my light diffused and close
leaving darkness to itself
and all the wanderings the mind shall make
haunting this house in repose
to read of worlds you’ll never go
for travel is not as it used to be
stripping shoes and facing x-ray’s indignity
nor indeed our imagined futures it seems
requiring new needles to play favorite song
they say as you age your circle reduces
with regret behind those words
I have no regret of this, life is like a purse
pulled together by string to keep it taut
once filled with coins of many colors
gradually emptying its burden
I find the reduction a balm
within less there is more
time to consider and become still
further into the briar and gallop
you’re never lost if you’re seeking
you’re never found if you don’t let
a hand pluck you from the notion
you’re alone
she turns her warmth across my own
we hold on tightly as we head toward our door
the last to open
the last to close
she is me I am her
we may not be here tomorrow
but still the silver lines of existence shine
like exclamations in claiming dew
drenching our run further
toward the echo of our beginning

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    1. My friend I agree. It is something you learn with experience, you cannot learn it from words on a page, as you say about lilac, it’s a feeling or a scent, subtle but affirming nonetheless. Thank you so much for reading.

  1. “you’re never lost if you’re seeking
    you’re never found if you don’t let
    a hand pluck you from the notion
    you’re alone”
    This. This poem is so beautiful. Moving. 🙂

  2. This is so lovely to read. Its one of those poems I read to get lost. I can see everything so clearly and the way you describe objects makes them surreal but grounded. Its beautiful.

    1. I love your name (city sister and mountain mama) that’s genius. How creative! Thank you so much for reading my work and your lovely comment it is very appreciated – you rock!

  3. I love this poem dear….it actually made me tear up a bit…. lol I’m too melancholy lately is my problem…but I did really like this piece….one of my new favorites …thanks C

    1. I’ve been thinking a lot about our communique and what we’ve been talking about and that has come out in some writing about the nature of forever etc, see how you are a quiet and steady inspiration? My friend please know if you feel that way you have those including myself who CARE and are here for you do not EVER feel that writing me is intrusive or will bring me down it never does, I am here and I care. Write me over the weekend?

  4. Only a person with a kind heart like yours could write ” you’re never found………” That verse can be a beacon of hope, light and love for one who is truly alone! Thank you for sharing your beautiful gifts!

    1. WOW! What did I do to deserve this? Thank you! I was feeling quite discouraged and your words literally burned light into my discouragement. Thank you so much my friend. You know I learn so much from you – but you have a very good heart also. Thank you for being the person you are. I feel blessed.

      1. Feather you are a serious poet and your work is stand out. Don’t ever get discouraged, I wish I had half your talent. Don’t let the good heart bit become common knowledge, where would I be without my diabolical persona?

        1. Not at all. We should think of either two people whom we feel are applicable and work them into one poem – over-all unsung – with a common theme OR write about one person from two vantage points? I’d say the latter makes more sense what do you think?

          1. Yeah so we pick a person we feel is ‘unsung’ and we both write about them and combine it into one poem? What do you think or would it make more sense to each write a poem and compare? I would say let’s write it together as one. (You are never ignorant)

  5. “I like my light diffused and close
    leaving darkness to itself
    and all the wanderings the mind shall make
    haunting this house in repose
    to read of worlds you’ll never go”
    YES!!!!! <3

    1. Just wanted to let you know, I ordered the encyclopedia of rape, I got it second-hand via Amazon because I couldn’t afford $60 so sorry about that, but I can’t wait to get it. Thanks so much for letting me know about it. I worked at a rape crisis center for quite some years, both in Europe and then in America, as an advocate and then after my masters, a counselor. I had never heard of this book I wish then I had and I’m excited to get it. I know it’s on a heavy topic but I have always believed MORE not less should be written on this, I very much admire you for this work and will be sure to write you about it afterward and leave feedback on amazon. Thank you again and also well done, what an incredible achievement. Totally respect.

      1. Oh gosh–thank you so much! I know these books are so expensive. I usually ask people to ask their libraries to buy it. 🙂 I believe more information is also better. I admire you for working at a rape crisis center and as an advocate. Thank you again!

  6. Yes as the years pass your circles reduce and life becomes lighter with less to do, and more time to think and find yourself. A time to reflect, rejoice your past endeavours and live the sunset days in peace. Thanks for your beautiful words. Much Love and Light from me 🙂 <3

    1. Thank you so much my friend I am very appreciative of this lovely response to my poem. Of course I totally agree with you! And reflection can be so beautiful can’t it? Thank you again!

    1. I had actually thought of that old phrase about pigs ears, lucky I didn’t change it to that, it would have been a rude awakening! 😉 Thank you D. I was reading some of your comments to Merril this Am I just love her work she’s so talented and you are such a good friend to us, for your support and reach. I am so grateful thank you my friend.

        1. That’s a really lovely thing to know. I feel very gladdened to ‘know’ you online and I feel you are a true friend. I intend to remain so until we both eat Jackie’s Indian food together and then some xxx

  7. This is heartwrenching…but there is a sweetness to it….and I felt my heart rise to the lines:
    you’re never lost if you’re seeking
    you’re never found if you don’t let
    a hand pluck you from the notion
    you’re alone
    I believe that is true. So well done, My Beauty.

    1. Maybe retaining the sweetness is the key. I expect many of us get so bitter and jaded that we cannot ever be sweet. I know I have felt that way. It is so easy to lose the innocence. And yet, when you see someone break out into a smile and the child is once more there, it’s like this revelation, so we must never let ourselves lose touch with that even if we keep it mostly inside. I would also say many people are boarded up. I know I am a bit, and I try not to be, even if you can shine light through one window it brings illumination. Thank you for reading this and for your thoughts on it – you are appreciated very much.

      1. Always a privilege to read you, Lady. I feel the same as you. You are a light that constantly shines in my window. 🙂

        1. BTW what you wrote in your email earlier, totally that’s how I felt and why I waited a day so I could be sure to answer properly I get that, in this world of immediacy it’s so important. I think you consider things which makes you a rareity.

  8. Your vision and words a triumph.
    And I relate a lot about life having a disclaimer.
    If we had known better or our own family having to give us a heads up…then we all be much wiser about life ahead. At least in a good perspective.
    Brilliant writing as always. 🙂
    You make the world a better place.

  9. If the proper disclaimers were put on life, then no one would ever do it. Life is daunting on the best days and unbearable often times.
    I am thinking about the shrinking circle and wonder if I ever had a circle at all of it that was just an illusion. Honestly, the thinking of it makes me long for the silent mornings and the reality of a solitude bereft of things like hope and faith and love.

    1. ha! So true! I think many of us would be like ‘no freakin way’ a person asked me the other day why I was not a ‘prepper’ given that I do think the world will end (virus/environment, who knows?) I said because prepping implies you want to live through it! I would not! Does that mean I don’t want to ‘live enough?’ what is ‘enough?’ what and who defines our measures? You don’t have a shrinking circle my friend you have tons of friends

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