I wonder now
what happens when we grow over
the time we planned into an unknown future
you lost your baby fat, angular and drawn
pinched from the hunger of war
the masculinity of certain girls
who can carry off strong chins in their twenties
male inheritance flaming in visage
lends them the strength to become hard
for the sons who were not present
it was girls tilled the earth
scraping their legacies furrowed with dirt
to inherit freedom outside mystique
where judgement lay omnipresent
how the worth of plain faced women belies
the fire in their belly
I didn’t want it enough
to leave behind the soil and its
deep sonorous calm
because I grew content
for some that’s poison
but the fevered mind
lusts for silence
she will paint her room yellow
climb behind wallpaper
rather than survive nearly
in a room of grinding egos
some of us just want to watch morning dew
transform into steam and rise thermally
evaporating pinches of magic
staring into the silhouetted trees
nursing sorrow like a sudden cold snap
kills the large plants in the garden
despite their deep roots
and look there!
the young tree you planted only last fall