If you do not choose to sit down and hear me out
it says more about you than me
some find being enemies a comfort
as if preparing their whole lives
for such an expedition
when I ask you to listen
you drown me with silence
this makes you feel good
though if you had tried
you might have seen
the fallacy of your careful lines
a crooked stitch
may be disguised
but to the careful eye
it remains
speaking when you do not
to the folly of your purpose

13 Replies to “The folly of your purpose”

  1. Yes so many need to bluster and bully ….it makes they feel important. Little do they realise they are more insecure than us.πŸ’œ

  2. To truly listen and hear another’s truth
    To some, a gift, a love-making
    And dreaded by some
    Afraid to see with another’s eyes
    Afraid to hear with another’s ears
    Afraid to feel with another’s heart
    Afraid to be changed
    Feeling safe behind a wall of silence
    And telling themselves a lie
    That their fear is power

  3. Occasionally I can do simple πŸ˜‰ mostly I’m convoluted πŸ˜‰ xo

  4. So true. I think bullying is the worst. Fortunately I have not been bullied much but I know some who have and it’s been horrific for them. Thank you dearest Willow.

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