Here is the child

Here is the tree

The child climbs the tree

The tree is magic

The tree is dying

The tree no longer stands

The child no longer stands

The child is weary

The adult watches

Here is the child

Here is the adult who was the child

They are not the same

They are the same

a road looks empty even as it is not

she looks empty, even as she is not

her organs still work

her heart still pumps

she feels she is frozen from the inside out

it is obviously a note on the piano

no-one knows how to play

to emulate the sensation

of splitting and tearing

she stays quiet

it is better that way

than trying to explain

why she wants to scream

6 Replies to “Emulsify”

  1. Can I re-parent the child I was
    The one who still lives within
    Make up for things lost or not given
    For wounds received?
    Or is that not the goal?
    Could it be more elusive
    To be, to feel, whole
    Not split into infant, child, youth, adult, elder
    To know peace among the parts?
    To be one and many?
    Or, is there one to find
    Running through the illusions
    Of different ages?
    Best not try to figure it out
    Before bed time
    If sleep is to be had.

  2. ah! you are so insightful I didn’t see that but now I really do!

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