I remember

The void in my heart


As you grew in grief

You dreamed me

Into existence

For I surely

Had no substance

Not a morsel of joy

Felt real

Til you enveloped me

In the compass of your heart

And set forth

Due West

I clinging to your drift as

Stubborn snow will keen

Impossible they said

Until seeing with their own eyes

Things previously disbelieved

I had never believed

Until you lifted me from obscurity

And touching my chin

My throat

The unsaid hurt

Resting on my breastbone

Like a wounded bird

You reached in and

Struck the match

And I glowed

I glowed

With your regard

32 Replies to “The compass of your heart”

  1. Living unseen, invisible
    Like a phantom or
    Something shrouded
    And then, the impossible
    No, it cannot be (can it?)
    Such a thing to believe
    Daring to believe
    One comes who does
    Penetrate the shroud
    Gives substance to the phantom
    Sees, and seeing, loves

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