Why do they have to die?

Early and cruel

She was always carrying kindness in her every step

Why? Why the girl with stars in her eyes?

Who has always struggled

Why her?

I beseach nothing and no-one

It is why I feel we are alone

For what God accepts this pronouncement?

Why is life for some so easy and smooth

While others only know struggle and pain?

Those we cannot save

Die before their time, often in agony

And nothing makes that okay

I say, raging at Gods who don’t listen

Wondering what the point is

Where’s the sense or justice?

Evil perpetuates and survives

And you take her? Like she’s only existed to sacrifice?

The platitudes don’t cut it

This isn’t her time, this isn’t a lesson

The orphaned son will carry

Her soul as I shall remember her humility

Better than most, so much better than most

Who do not die and use their time

Unwisely and with selfishness and squander

And she is good she’s always been good

Her husband cheated on her and left her with HPV

The outcome is terminal and what is left of my heart

Shatters into pieces of one great big cry

For good does not thrive in this world, no it does not

We are all upside-down standing on roof tops

And I want to save her so much but nothing, nothing I do has any power

It is the diminishing light and the curtain drawn and closed

I cannot bear

The cruelty and uncaring

Death and its wretched finality

Are a voice in my head

They say

Words have no meaning girl

Being online is a waste of time

Online friends are not friends they forget quicker than a mosquito

Go out into the fucking air and breathe deep

Remind your limbs you are alive

Grieve the inequity of the world

And how women are marked to suffer

Do something real with the time you have

Remember those who have fallen

For no one else

Ever does

Such is the hideous fickelty of the world

Few keep their word

Least of all cancer

30 Replies to “Anita”

  1. Candice, I know this kind of loss, this kind of grief. The platitudes hold no comfort, so all I know to do is to try to be better, do better, love better, to try to fill a bit the space left empty of that goodness, and to remember and cherish. And to sit with those most afflicted in the grief as best I can. As much as virtual hugs can help, you have them.

  2. I wish I could find a magic wand, magic word – but there no magic for this, it’s raw, it’s senseless to us, and it hurts and causes chaos in your heart, mind and life. I am sorry that you are experiencing this, I too know this and I’m glad you got it out in the realstic and raw way you did, I hope it helped some – in the very least, to have gotten those words out of your heart. Much love to you, which is all I have or can offer to you while you’re going through this. Genuine love eternally to her son.

  3. The Chinese have an expression (I don’t know their word for it) but it roughly translates as “stealing your mind” – When another asks, maybe even begs, to know what you have learned, and takes it away 0 for free – I wish I could give the writer that piece of mind that would assuage this anguish, for there are hidden things which help to understand this wicked game. It does not diminish our grief, for if it did, it would make us less human, and lesser poets, but it would bring comfort to know that in someway we had touched souls

  4. The cruelty and injustice of life can be unbearable. This piece evoked a lot of memories from the loss of my particularly close friend, Bana. “Shatters into pieces of one great big cry” Yeah, that was exactly what the moment of her death felt like. I called her my surrogate mother. All I could remember screaming was “They’ve taken the wrong person!” Well-written, love!

  5. Thank you. I haven’t been writing as I have been publicizing my anthology of poetry by women SMITTEN but I will be back to it before too long. Thank you for saying you miss it as I really appreciate that and it helps me a lot.

  6. Wonderful! Be Happy. I’m very sorry that you may not see likes from me on your work (as the same for many of the other writers) but the like tab never seems to work more often than it does. And it can be frustrating. I usually have to stream a writer’s blog to do so. Thank you for taking the time to reply back to me, I appreciate it! Good luck on your publicizing! Good stuff!! ☀️🙂

  7. I have the same thing happen when I try to like work on some sites too so I totally understand. It really helps me want to continue on when I think something I write touches someone. I appreciate you dear Myth xo

  8. I wrote about her in my last post on WP also – she stays with me every week

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