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  1. Hey sis….
    I wrote this on (Hijacked Amygdala) :
    The metaphors in this poem are outstanding and wow:
    the wound
    is sleeping
    sitting opposite chaos and destruction
    wanting to climb into bed
    and absorb
    all the regret
    two people
    in their unspoken fists
    will gather
    like long reedbed lavender
    Peace on both sides…the sun may be in a quench of heat, but when the cool weather kicks in…love, balance, and peace joins us in a harmony of serenity.
    Truly I’m loving this sis. I miss reading you. I love you so much sis. 🙂

  2. ” in their unspoken fists”… The turned backs, no more kiss or wish goodnight, the unspoken can also be good fighters.. Silence, in general, designed in hate will hurt more and longer than we can imagine. Two people who in the beginning could not spare a moment apart now long for those moments when they are. Separated. Silence. Severe.

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