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  1. Hey sis,
    I wrote this on (Hijacked Amygdala):
    The firebird is strong within you sister.
    These lines got me sad:
    what I should have said then
    make your own porn
    fill your own holes
    blow up some rubber, get it on with yourself
    but not with me
    I’m not made in Japan, pink and plastic
    I’m not a girl in knee highs, ready to blow and suck
    I’m a woman
    and you
    you’re just a pimple faced boy
    who thinks too much of himself
    wanking in the afternoon to full lipped songs
    You are a warrior and a fighter. In fact, you are my wonder woman.
    No man should ever shame or treat a woman like this.
    If I have to fight to stop this evil of men, I’ll fight along side you forever.
    My favorite poem by you sis…its everything raw, emotional, and honest.

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