When the capture
is weakened
when neglect owns
no name
but like paint
faded by days 
needful of coat
then you listen closer
not to temptation 
and her guest
but the soft rummage 
of needing
notice my new dress
or the turn of my hands
as I clean and wash and pour
these invisible chores
chalked over by repetition
the line between your eyes
a quickened thunder
didn’t you buy more nutella?
this is not ironed through 
holding an outline of wrinkle 
oh so true
when love is new 
we inhabit scarcely
that fantastic vaunt 
slowly to fall
in little unmendable ways
like gathering wool
rubbed by barb
a trick of light
words shared like jewels in dark
oh the power you manifest
in one observation
worth all a stranger distorted
for it is not in the arms of replacement succor is found
but the sure tred through years holding our hems above us
strung in purposed knots, hand over hand, over hand
rubbed against stone til transparent
*I wrote this after hearing a few sad stories of people in unhappy relationships, and my wondering why they were unhappy together and why they couldn’t last and be happy together and how sad a world filled with people who no longer want to be together anymore is. I may be a dreamer but I’m not the only one who believes we hold the answer.*