cd1818a8dcd999d8c2ed6e6c7cabd01bStrike a match in the dark
hear sulphur guiding your eye to flame
illumination takes many forms
one is that of retrospect
do not repeat do not repeat
the error of your heart
I saw your blisters I saw your callouses
I saw myself underneath the train
as it bit into who I was before I began
following empty tracks
it was always going to happen
I wrote the play before the players were born
they inherit their roles as if I were
the man in the sky and they my pawn
but it was not so
I was only a woman lost in herself
and you were just people who couldn’t see
far ahead
I watched you before you knew
the steps you would take
leading to my end
how you were born to strike me out
leaving nothing but the smell of
something cold
you can become strangers with the
closest person in the world
watching them as they step into their part
you always knew they’d take that route
perhaps you paved the way
perhaps you died before you could taste
the ash of their betrayal