It’s not the point or purpose

Making yourself in the image of

Something temporal

Perfect lives

In the ragged hem

Not the seamstress who knows by default

The straight line

We are

Twice turned around the earth

From that first time

I beheld you then

As I saw my own reflection

And all that was lost within me

Fell away as debris

A shining soul

So often tormented by the world’s love

Of tarnish

Easily we fell again and again

Against sharp corners and places unfit

Only in the surround of one another

A measure of peace

Never something easy to describe

To others it may appear

Dull and ordinary

Not worth adjective

And as I hold you near me in blackening night

Feeling age settle like freed dust

The ache of what could have been and what was not

Has less power in this soft reverie

Where consolidation is a tired but gentle thought

So different from that tight umbelical youth

Lost in the still of an eternal motion

If I could

Reach back

Change or alter

Our trajectory

I may have asked

The stars to divine

An altered course

Only to bring us closer

Till nothing

Not even the barrier of our separate being

Could thwart the hope

We are all and one

Spinning in silver threads

Through time

And memory

As lights catch

Like glass

On still water

As love settled and stayed


23 Replies to “Still water”

  1. Sometimes, a blessing
    Sometimes, seeming a curse
    This not knowing how or why
    To cease loving
    To fall out of love
    No matter the cause of parting
    Nor the manner of separation
    Love remembered
    Is love renewed
    It does not die
    There is the blessing

  2. oh goodness… this is like gossamer threads of love drifting down and settling around my heart. I ache for something forever. Such delicate and precious words you spin.

  3. Gosh I didn’t get that email – I wonder why? I would not have minded one bit – FYI but I appreciate the heads-up. Very much. I will go back to it and see – and re-blog if that’s ok? Thank you. I am extremely appreciative and DO NOT worry about comments I have a bunch and it’s no big deal. i am GRATEFUL to you so much dear Ken

  4. You are so funny. You really haven’t ever seemed that way but if you wish I will delete it. Believe me, there ARE some massive egos around here but you are NOT one of them!
    xo xo

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