20140113_d5c_20131123_0749_099_fb2-pheasant-malermb-id768Losing your fingers to frostbite
is one way of learning
the lay of land
as patient
night creatures
await their turn by sunset
we who are foolish
blunder across landscape
like lost phesants
littering harmony with mottled noise
when the car flings them to
roadside graves, warm and feathered
twitching their gory surprise
it is the still ebon crow
hungry for ojos
stark against his watch
who shall taste their regret
for dressing too brightly
attracts less than one might guess
in worlds where to last
you must blend a little
with surrounding color
lest you stand out

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        1. Oh lord I’m there with you! At the same time, something to remember is, as an empath but also a very likable person, people are always going to pay attention to you, and want to be near you, that’s your magnetism, you can’t really alter that because it’s such a part of you. I think that is a good thing, some people without meaning to be, are the exact opposite, repellent almost. Better to be the sun under which everyone wishes to be. It is because you shine so brightly and you actually are truth telling those are rare and lovely traits that come around not so often xo

  1. I liked the exchange with Soul Gifts. Understanding our “gifts” as a destiny of our own choosing and not some random act of Darwinian Natural selection, we open up to a consciousness that is our divine right … we become unencumbered by personality, and ego becomes an ally …

    1. Soul Gifts (Raili) is a WONDERFUL lady I have the fortune to know, and you would really like her also Peter, because she’s a lot like you in that she’s very bright, intuitive and funny. She’s also into the sorts of things we are. She lives in Australia. Anyway I agree, understanding our ‘gifts’ in relation to who we are supposed to be in this world rather than it being random, is essential unless you wish to waste them. Then again I also believe in the power of randomness so I suppose I’m half-and-half on this. I do believe the more conscious we are, the more open, the more likely we follow a true path. I also believe in the value of being unencumbered by personality (I’m definitely NOT there yet!) it is a goal for all to reach if possible.

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