bed-black-and-white-girl-window-favim-com-178300Slept with the light on
though in the glare
nothing was resolved
you still hated for no reason I could discern
the only thing helping me understand
is the narrowing of hearts with age
though there are people in this world
angels who walk on earth
they epitomize mercy
and remind us
our gun instincts work
choose wisely my darling
when lending your soul
trust is a child learning to walk

0 Replies to “Trust”

  1. Même dans le noir il ne faut pas avoir peur, l’image de l’enfant qui marche est réconfortante cependant, les armes à feu n’y font pas bon ménage…
    Très bel article
    Tu as du talent, vous continuez à m’enchanter s’il vous plaît !!!
    Prends soin de toi
    Tony de France

    1. You honor me. Thank you my friend. Nowadays to my shame I am far more adroit writing in English this is wrong and I am attempting to remedy this but I am beyond bad at spelling hence my hesitation. Thank you for your kind words and I most certainly will!

  2. “Trust is a child learning to walk”……so true and so much to consider. So often, our pace seems so fast and out of control. The visual reminder of a child learning to walk is so good. A little slower and more careful as they take those steps! Thank you!

      1. Yay! Idk, I’m still trying to figure out how this works! It took me a while just to get my last post up, let alone find who is following me or who I am following! Glad you’re following me 🙂

  3. So enjoy reading your work my friend….to join the chorus, brilliant last line!
    And I must say it was an interesting choice of word in the line “our gun instincts work”… I was curious as to why “gun” was used in place of “gut”?….or was that a typo?….In any event, your work always stirs my emotion. Thank you! 🙂

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