There’s an old saying, the man felt sorrow because he had no arm
until he met a man who had no leg
comparison being an uncomfortable bed mate
all of us could do with sinking to our knees
mindful our own aches in the sum of things
matter and matter less
not dismissing but appreciating
someone out there is worse off
when I feel betrayed I recall
someone else was betrayed twice as bad
when in the eighth month of pregnancy
he said I’m leaving
when I feel lonely I think
of those who lost everyone and never
regained belonging
when I feel sorrow
it is the sorrow of those who survived
concentration camps only to find light
once more
that keeps me endeavouring to do my best
even if I fall
even if I cannot always
by that I do not diminish
anyone’s hurt
but it is worth considering
if others survived
we too
can pick ourselves up
and not give permission
to be destroyed