For the sake of SMITTEN, a project I believe in more than anything I have ever done before, I have asked close friends to take over my social media rather than close it down, so that SMITTEN can continue to flourish and succeed.

In my absence, due to my severe eye-sight-issues, my friends will be running the SMITTEN Facebook page and all SMITTEN related materials. Our goal is to ensure SMITTEN is successful in all ways. Sales are one way of legitimizing a project and ensuring its authors are HEARD.

Obviously LGBTQ projects are harder to sell than others, but it is my hope SMITTEN can continue its success through the rousing support of all those who believe in LGBTQ equality and the rights a woman has to love another woman. Please consider supporting SMITTEN – each sale helps raise visibility and gives SMITTEN authors another opportunity to share their unique and beautiful voices.

SMITTEN news and updates can be found here

SMITTEN is for sale at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. If you support local bookstores please ask them to stock SMITTEN using Ingram. If you cannot afford a Kindle copy or hard copy please ask your local library to get a copy of SMITTEN via Ingram. It doesn’t take much and it means everything to the 120 authors and poets of SMITTEN. Indie publishing doesn’t flourish without our support as a community!

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  1. Just a suggestion, if anyone is a member of any Meetup groups (meetup dot com), many areas have LGBTQ book clubs and book groups that meet regularly. That might be a way of getting exposure for Smitten in your local area. Also, any local LGBTQ libraries in the area that might take a new or used donation. I’ve donated one to Quatrefoil Library in Minneapolis (which will be delivered mid-week).

  2. This is (aside from the reason for the necessity) great news. I will keep following, reblogging, and sharing on FB. And, much thanks to those friends.

  3. This is good news. I’m glad there’ll be a few people manning the front lines for SMITTEN. Thank you.

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