You never did understand me
It was more important that you
Get what you want
Maybe that’s why you never do
We are punished for our single mindedness
I could have told you that
All my life i wanted more than my parents could give
Even now I’d sacrifice myself for them
My love knows no bounds despite the irony
When they were busy they didn’t want me around
I stayed even when I thought I’d gone
You hold on
You said this would help you let go
I’m glad
I don’t think I’ve ever known how
That’s why ghosts have so much sway
I can’t always tell a real feeling from a dream
It’s like I’ve been alive for ages
And at the same time not at all
I never understood myself
I understand you though
The brand of cruelty you have
And how if they remember anything afterward
it will be that
You always knew what to say
When trying to thrust in the knife
And you were equally tongue tied when trying to do anything kind