She is her own past and future
her knees bent behind her
muscles fattened with lethargy
why do I want her? his voice in the distance
why would I want those breasts that sling
slow about her bones like sorrow
those eyes that look as if they have cried
once too often
she is imperfect
she is not new and clean
nor ready for your molding
she is broken and fused and broken and fused
some of her will never knit back together
where gaps form there are questions
how did it come to this?
what made you think you could?
and she defies him with her knees
bent beneath
her proud back
arched taut, ready for arrow
he may think he is in control
he knows
nothing of her will

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        1. Oh dear medieval lass, you are anything but simple and THAT is a compliment. (been thinking of you a lot as watching Outlander, thought it would be crap but it’s actually pretty addictive and good in its own genre and of course lots of Irish references)

          1. Sometimes I wish I had a TV to keep up with these series that are ‘addictive’ or ‘great’ or even ‘rubbish but addictive’. Then I wake up and realise I don’t have the time so it’s just as well 🙂

          2. Funnily enough I think that’s very apropos as I feel much the same. The external world does not interest me as much as maybe it should. I feel like you that I’m slipping more and more into my own little world, I suppose some would say that is abdicating responsibility? But we get to an age or place in life where we realize being really involved changes nothing, maybe it’s self-preservation to live in a world where we can bear the truth rather than share a world that seems comprised of cruel people?

          3. There’s a lot of truth in that. There’s also the idea that time is slipping away, that there are so many things left to do or be and the only way to make those things happen is cut out all the externals, focus inwards and be completely self-absorbed. Luckily I’m surrounded by people and responsibilities to remind me that life is also other people 🙂

          4. You are, and you have a large family, it is grounding and necessary to have some approximation of an anchor for the creative soul you are, as you could easily live in your world because of the depth of your imagination – this is a compliment it means it’s not all theory as you profess, but a true creativity within you xo

  1. One of your pieces where there is so much to be found between the lines! The how, the why…the meaning of what you give us. Thank you for sharing so much….even between the lines in space where more of the story lives!

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