6a0105356c398f970c0133ed4b470b970b-piA woman
may forget she is a woman
tear into another woman
becoming an ivory toothed tiger
when she has supped too long on the notion
she is without force unless she bites or rips the entrails
of those who may attack her first
and this woman
she does not understand yet
the color of doves and their cresting message
nor the many mistakes leading her to believe
she is a tiger in need of feeding on her sisters
those girls who should be under her awning
defiant beneath banded join
she forgets because she is afraid
she omits because she is scared
her time will come and others …
women who are also tigers
will eat her in juicy pieces with succulent delight
I tell this striped woman
put away your magnificent teeth
come and hold me high
together we are taller
we can clamber on each other’s shoulders
teach the other women who think they are tigers
who must bite and stifle our journey
it is better for women who are tigers
to earn our stripes by supporting the world
paw by paw
for we only keep ourselves down in fear and confusion
when we snap at the truth
we are as free as we want to be
the chains we think exist are our own
no man owns a woman
no woman can ruin another woman
if we promise to respect each other
if we hold back permission for cruelty
lower our arching back and offer
come ride with me I will see you to safety
it is just a short way over the mountain
we can make it if we ride there