friends-girls-lesbian-love-favim-com-302190_largeIt used to be a week
before she would ache
for the remembrance
and fold clothes ever tighter
around her shrinking
it used to be a matter of days
she could hold on to hours
turn them into coping
as if the weather were not
a vein throbbing her in heart
metriculating temperature
turning her ever colder
it used to be and now it is not
it is a moment
that’s all it took
before she turned to ice
and shattering
became nothing from so much
that is the feeling you hold
burning your balance in calf skin slippers
when love colors
and then removes
like a sudden bird
lifts from encroaching thaw

0 Replies to “That's all it took”

  1. When they are so deep into your life that all it takes is a word not said or an action not taken, absent when they promised otherwise, that is trust and vulnerability and the most fragile truth.

    1. Exactly. I think when you really truly let someone in and they leave, or cease to care it’s worse than anything because when they go they are gone and part of you is gone and whilst some seem to know how to get that back, others remain incomplete for staggeringly long periods of time.

  2. I once carried an egg around for a day. delicate and easily broken. I had to make sure that what ever I did – or where ever I went- the egg was not damaged. It took patience, care, determination -and above all love. The reason for me carrying this egg- was to remind my self and others- that the egg represented someones heart. Carrying anothers heart is delicate- if you cannot- then don’t pick up the egg in the first place.

      1. Your respose coming from a writer as your self- humbles me indeed. Reading your writings has made a mark within my heart and soul. I engage with your understanding and through out the day I contemplate all that you have said…. ( You touch many others ) Thank you sincerely. Bobby.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to respond. Much appreciated . I know it takes time to reply sometimes- and yet you did… Thank you.. Have a great day……

      1. My pleasure – I always try to respond and comment as much as possible. I appreciate it, so I assume others do too. And I comment on comments too – if they catch my attention for some reason ! Sometimes the comments are more interesting than the post itself ๐Ÿ™‚

        1. You are such a supporter of me and I hope I am to you though I am not as good about commenting I do read and I do care. You are more than a WP friend you are a REAL friend (like the REAL velveteen rabbit) and I know one day I shall prove that with my presence and a jar of vegemite in hand.

    1. Dearest Darth (always wanted to say that) thank you! I did used to read mine out, now I haven’t maybe I should I think people seem to like reading rather than listening but what do I know? (thank you)

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