213274660_0a9586af47_oI can’t keep up with the rapidity of
Smart Phones and Bit-Fit Watches
I’m empty wristed and void of clutch
abandoning the world of technology and rush
hurtling without break down San Fransisco streets
remember the days when
we took summer vacation?
not fearful of boss or observing every text?
remember when
the phone did not ring late at night
unless it was about death
wake us at first light with impatient query
colleagues who
may get to work before you
stealing your slot before you knew what you lost
remember when
you ate a warm breakfast, read the paper
talked to your kids
stroked the dog
noticed the door needed a new paint job
revelled in the glory of Sunday mornings
not getting out
of a deep filled bed
arms and feet and legs
remember when
and shame
anxiety with a twist of lime
in the gut
did not become
the drink du jour nor
were cocktails and dinner parties so rare
for now we walk among penitents who cannot abhor
remember when
you had time for yourself?
it was not a surprise looking in the mirror
seeing how years had passed
how long it had been since you touched or were touched
lain in the bath with the lights off
you feel the rapid beat
of your heart beneath your sweat proof deodorized clothes
you feel the burn in your gut
of coffee on partially eaten stomach
you feel the rush
you feel the senselessness
and friends you have no time for
and family are strangers
and the dog that barks in the night
is you
crying out
muzzled and penned by day
you sit at your desk reading online about
why sitting too long will
and how important it is
to make time
time? You say
what is time?
I know not how to capture it
but I can – if you ask
always tell you how to find
another minute to check
my digitized semblance
of life

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    1. Right? And our reliance on tech and our forgetfulness of the value of time and our workaholic imbalance and … the list goes on. Thank you Jane. I feel strongly about this because I do remember a gentler time.

      1. Very many thanks, Candy. I was using the ‘we’ in general terms; but also tuning in to your evocation of a past age before IT and ‘virtual reality’ when we all had to relate to each other for real.

  1. Ah, I remember so many things… no phones if the lines were out. The black out of NYC and being home alone after I was stuck in an elevator. And playing by myself because I grew up an only child and yet I found tons of things to do without computers and digital things. I could simply go out on the streets of the city and watch all the crazy people….of which I grew up to be one!

  2. We remember many of the same things, live with the rush, all about them, I’m so important I have to drive 90 to work, crazy. I’m attached by chains at times, many of my own chains. You feelings are real, the questions pertinent and the sorrow weaves in and out. I want to reblog because of the beauty, most important the questions you stop to ask and the feelings the answers bring.

  3. See you do write things most won’t. Very well put, funny short story
    When I was a kid in the 90’s I didn’t know what a computer was. I didn’t have one I didn’t even know the Internet existed. I went to school one day and said *what is this machine a tv?* haha, I didn’t know cell phones existed until I was 16. I grew playing outside a lot not much tv. I loved and still love the night air.

    1. πŸ™‚ Wasn’t it a bit of a relief to NOT know what a computer was? I thought so! I didn’t get a cell phone until I was older too. I loved playing outside. Totally hear ya and agree. xo

  4. The way I interpret this poem.
    Remembering the good old times when everyone enjoyed life for what it truly was and weren’t bombarded with technology of today.
    The feeling of no internet before felt like a giant relief. People actually communicated and talked in person…face to face interaction.
    Today, seems as if everyone is in a big panic scared. No one wants to communicate in person or by phone anymore. They much rather text because its short and has little value in communication. I’d much rather communicate in person or by phone because when it comes to conversations, you can listen to the other persons voice, understand true feelings, and feel what they are feeling emotionally in a conversation. Details are what matter in listening & observation in a persons voice.
    Writing online can have misconceptions and miss-communications.
    There’s very little of any emotion.
    For once people should communicate by phone or hang out in person. Enjoy the precious moments of now. Don’t get caught up with your phone too much. Life, love, & memories are that last things we have left in us all.
    Powerful poetic write and I relate to this so much.
    Love, love, love it! πŸ™‚

    1. Asmov Darling, you’re such a love, and a baby space pilot so you do not remember those days try as you might, unless you hark back to a former life! πŸ˜‰ Totally agree about little emotion online that’s so true – then again sometimes it works and is MAGIC wonder whom I could be referring to? (evil snicker)

      1. I never had internet around me till’ the end of my high school years. It’s weird I know…I never really paid any attention to the machine that much. πŸ™‚
        No, there are no evil snickers. In fact, I prefer wear ‘doc marten boots’. It helps relive stress and fills the yummy with good source of fiber. πŸ™‚ hahahahaha!!! Sorry, I had to make a joke. πŸ™‚

  5. I ponder this quite a bit. Depending on the day, I think it’s perception distorting reality or I think it’s just absolute truth. I think technolgoy, at very best, as been a mixed blessing.

  6. Technology really is a double edged sword. It gives us so much, but also takes away (lessens) some of the physical human connections that we had, like taking the time to handwrite a letter…at one time this was the only way to communicate long distance. Or actually paying a neighbor or friend a visit, because that was that is how people interacted. No phones, no texts, no computers or internet. The world seemed a much smaller, more intimate place perhaps. Now I get peeved at the way people like to txt all the time instead of having a face to face, or even phone conservation. While we are indeed more connected than ever to one another through technology, I fear we are losing something, something almost intangible, something that helps care for one another just a little more. Perhaps that’s just naive nostalgia on my part, but it sometimes feels that the more technology we integrate into our lives the less human we become, if that makes any sense.

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