thThe sugared heart
laps fast its moisture
wicking with thirst
as if salt were consuming
what must stay sweet
you said I will never die
my heart is strong
pulse low, pressure steady
without considering the price
of sweet emotion
playing like piano before
discordant and
in quiet rooms
with closed doors

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      1. Thank you! It isn’t mother’s day here until the last sunday of the month, but I had them all but one round today and reasonably happy, so that’s good.

  1. First of all great header image. The poem is both elusive and allusive, I feel like I am just about to capture its essence but you are far too canny for me.

  2. I love how you use your words so deftly if that makes sense. I also love the image that you used, it makes me think of cotton candy and the colours that go along with cotton candy on your fingers.

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