freja-beha-erichsen-hedi-slimane-fashiontography-3history said
Go back
years ago
Go back
you are not wanted here
this is not where you belong
walking behind yourself
catching the depth of your tread
hang up your effort
string failure to dry
you leave your hope here
take one bag
get on a train
without a ticket
without windows
and in your musty closet
to the dark bird you were
before you knew to fly
to the passenger who came with outstretched arms
seeking relief and quantity of blood to let
so all that nourished from you could
fling you away once done
the fille cruel said …
if I could plunge you head first
into the brink and keep you there
until you swallowed your dreams
amidst river water
I would have done so
but I am paying the price of karma
for destroying you I must suffer
though I claim to be a woman of God
pressing my palms together as tight as they go
all this that comes now to nail me shut
the consequence of my cruelty
you may lose your way
you may be set out without light
holding an empty bag told
go you are not welcome
but I shall die first and certain
without anyone to witness
for those who seek to harm
pay the longest price
for their one-way ticket
the survivor said …
when I learned to dance
at first my feet hurt
they did not fit narrow confine
bleeding through satin
staining effort
blistering I rose and challenged
the nails the stones
dancing over hurt and beyond
you cannot harm what you do
not understand
the broken will rise
taking their music sheets to far corners
letting go of caged songs
fed by the nourishment of your need
to damage and quench them
their feet shall defy the pain legacies in wood
long the sound of blood shall fall
after they have moved the world
turning in time to the beat of
desire inhabiting the stage
go on, further than possible
entering hallowed ground
where all who stumble climb back
toward the master who believes inviolate
his dreary manacle
made unsteady by their motion
they are
you are
no more than breath left behind
when the dance is done
and lights dimmed for tomorrow
we shall again begin
without you
such is our dream
woven throughout movement
in swaths of redemption