zsvalI wasn’t ready
maybe that’s what attracted me to you
treasured and worthless
your invert chest
the ribs of a child
pluck a chord
sing a tune
I own
nothing but one
watching you swim naked
the search of sound
pines still holding their grudge
your eyes emptied
your lips broken against wait
against my still entreaty
I trust nothing
only the jig of life
in your gamine limbs
spelling out the position of
dropped clothes like constellations
curtseys before the heavy curtain
comes down on our budding ardor
I feel old
against your new
I feel young
against your ancient
I trust no-one except
the first sound
flickering over your face
as I dive
as sleek as a silver fern
shedding its urge
making magic of forest floor
all the glittering wonderment
in your soft mouth