vvvvvYours is the shape of things to come you said
I will over time grow more in tune with your outline
and like hands shadowed against flame
we will rise and consume
in equal pour
as the wine staining your lips
makes you thirst for contrast
so our limbs struck out of sheets
could be the legs of girls sleeping in first sun
careless of the world yet
a sway about their joins
as if dance inhabits those yet accustomed
to brittleness
we are softened by unison
first emotions spilt longer to absorb in substance
earning capture, all time will retain the way
you curl me around your curve
a language bespoke in whisper
like limber wood smoothed for bow
crossing oceans in green willows
your resistance emptying as
hands that have not known holding
shall capture each other in briny shell
diving beneath one another as swimmers
seeking pearls
your obsidian hair like a fan on white sand
directing day forward like sundial
as you seek my reserves with the
lingering strength of a swimmer
slender outlines shaded against light
spilling on fermented floor
such small places to draw wonder from
unfurled from discovered maze
the color of love rinsing through your eyes
like doves filling skies in confetti
momentarily forgetful we are mortal
a divinity of capture
glimpsing heaven through
half-open eyes

0 Replies to “Outline”

  1. LOVE again! You’re really determined to turn me into a wild child today. More like I’m determined actually since you’re merely writing your words and have no design (ha!) apart from that.
    I’ve found most people don’t know the difference between sexy and vulgar. Well, I shall send them here and to your delicate wording yet flaming images. Though you could still be sexy while being vulgar, and not many people can pull that off.
    (I’ve had a couple of glasses of wine while watching the #Inauguration, forgive me)

    1. ha ha ha can’t blame you for the wine totally there! I think vulgar has a place too (Bukowski) but yeah, if it’s sexy we are trying for, then it’s rarely
      totally vulgar well … I dunno actually maybe it can be? mmm good question

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