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  1. If prices go up and wages stay stagnant for long no one will be able to buy the bare necessities. Revolution will take place, many humans will die, our population will decrease, and we will be unable to defend ourselves against the impending alien invasion – therefore, the aliens will inherit the Earth.

    1. I suppose I am for a revolution if that is what it takes. I wonder if any revolution works? But in lue of anything else, what else is there? But to protest? I do believe that in recent years we’ve not been getting wage increases but everything is getting more expensive, so every year we are poorer but nobody seems to complain because maybe they feel lucky to even have a job? I’m of the opinion it would be a good thing to have less population and depending upon the aliens it could be a decent change to our bullshit.

      1. I agree with less population. On our current course it seems to me the Earth is going to take care of that for us. In the words of George Carlin on Earth Day…
        “The planet is fine. The humans are fucked.”

        1. Definitely. After reading Rachel Carson again I am convinced of it. There are nothing to be gained by increasing populations and everything to be lost. The idea that we should keep growing is absurd. (But then tell that to the Japanese, they want to give everyone a Robot, imagine when Robots get rights? What a mess …) I suppose ‘giant meteor 2016’ was about right 😉

  2. The future inherits the earth, the present determines in what condition. Self destructive short sightedness seems to be a quality that many of us possess to one degree or another. Been guilty of it myself as an individual on a personal level, so to see large groups and governments act the same is not so surprising. Until we change our most basic paradigms and beliefs away from competition and more towards cooperation, we as a species are basically fucked. end of rant…lol

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