kal-yuga-2God did not speak to me
when I laid my head on your cold chest
He did not utter counsel nor
light a pathway
though still I listened
for an utterance or bright star
reflecting faith
I thought
if God is within me
I must find my own way
painting my feet the color of observance
ground ripe with reverberation
as forehead touching, I bowed
to some saint or sound beyond my own
phallic in his disapproval of my unwrapped head
there are so many Gods of men
and not so many who favor women
I asked GIA do you know why
the female Goddess is so quiet?
She smiled and the world split itself
into many fingered dancers
surely you know girl
she is everything and all around us
no need for words
they are the threadbare pockets of men
who failing to curb their lust
turn instead to science and Viagra
you do not need to concern yourself
Kali knows the direction well
she has danced it in blue slippers
every full moon
and women who carry their children
low in orchid womb
taste her in the brine of the Yangtze river
and the very tips of their new born’s tongue
as she licks her way into consciousness
we pass from each other the key
mother’s and life entwined as one set of beads
fickle is life
long the chain of dancers
holding their children high like
honeycomb candles lit for prayer
beneath the rusty hem of the world