4617517731She took her cod liver oil
laced her shoes in the dark
completed her paper round
spread her legs for the gynecologist
and occasionally, her husband
dutifully wiped enough asses
to qualify for sainthood
but life said
we don’t feel like being fair
you ate three biscuits when you were ten
that were not yours to eat
and you didn’t tell a soul least of all your grandmother
who would have slapped your wrists with her nylon slipper
greedy girls don’t find husbands!
greedy girls don’t go to heaven!
since then you didn’t take more than your portion
gave away your just desserts
why then should you bend over once more?
no, you say
I think I’ll stop carrying the world on my shoulders
because tomorrow may be the day I’m diagnosed or
a bus will hit me as I cross the street or
I may be tempted to eat 3 fairy cakes
we must live now
in the heat of our step
never unwilling to let go
and dance to the quiet music
in our heads

0 Replies to “Now”

  1. (whispering behind your ear) “Hey, hey ….here is a fairy cake for you…its all yours.” πŸ™‚ You deserve that and more for that deliciously sugary concoction of a poem ….. Very inspiring actually. We all need a little bit of that. xx

  2. The secret ingredient to a fairy cake- is Love… Once in a while in the midst of an ordinary life- love gives us a fairy cake…. Eat in and njoy-We all need both for sure !!! x

  3. Brava Lady! Grab life by the throat and dare it to move. Enough of expectations and dutifully doing what is expected. ❀

          1. Our equivalent here too! Big pharma is panicking because they are starting to lose a lot of money with people turning more and more to alternative remedies and products

          2. Boo hiss, big-pharma scares me they know no limits, reading a book on the history of AIDS right now all about how they basically let thousands die because of profits. Sigh. And let’s not get started on all the experiments in the 3rd world. BTW there’s a very good book called ‘the immortal life of henrietta lacks’ if you are interested that is SUPERB it’s non-fiction. xo

          3. Incredible! I just had been thinking of Royal Jelly written by him! That’s just so coincidental. Have you read My Uncle Oswald? His adult stuff is excellent/dark and I love his kids stuff too – my favorite is Fantastic Mr Fox, which one are you reading?

          4. Haven’t read any of his adult works. I’ve just finished James and the Giant Peach. Our local newspaper has an annual thing where they encourage kids to love reading. One of the things they have started doing is put out limited collections of various authors. Last year was Dr Seuss. I got them both!!

          5. I tried so many times to send a response to your “Rats” comment but for some reason it won’t wing it’s way, so here it is. Let’s see if this one works!
            I do have a series of YouTube videos based on recipes in the book for a top to toe pampering package. Never quite finished it – needs just a couple more. Will have to speak to my camera man and get on to it. He’s a bit busy with repairing the termite damage at the moment. I do want to do some audio guided meditations too. The only way I can think of doing that for my blog is via YouTube. Just need about another 50 hours in the day !! However did I manage to work as well as be retired ?!
            Have sent some links via email xxx

  4. Living without fear of death is the only way to ;live anymore. Eat the cakes, drink the wine. Ask for forgiveness later and with a sincere heart, you will be God-like again. You never really left Her. She’s the love you feel in your heart and on the computer screen when you write such glorious stuff!

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