Ah yes

we did have those dreams didn’t we?

The ones that spill through our fingers now

prayer beads for the atheist

and yet

even as I lie in darkness, recalling

those freefloating days of yore

where the greatest concern was surviving Summer’s

bleary endless heavy bellied warmth

I know somewhere in this darkness

the opal of hope remains

mighty against frayed odds

how do I know?

When I see you laugh

at the stupidest thing

just as I did as a kid

a rounding, stomach ache kind of laugh

reminiscent of dandelion stains and

the sweet bitter taste of aniseed

staining our tongues red

like devils we stuck them out

nah nah nah

at the bloody world

and her turbulence

we’d yet to encounter

what if

we did that again

I say to descending night

what if I strip off these damp clothes of middle age?

and dance like untamed spirit urging life’s return

beneath lawn sprinklers at dawn

pain be damned, grief be damned, loss be no more

my bed fellow

until the whole neighborhood wakes

and sees a girl

laughing like she can’t ever stop

surrendering beneath the wholeness

of dawn

14 Replies to “Prayer beads for the atheist”

  1. This poem brought a smile, remembering those days of youthful abandonment. Truthfully there are middle aged urges to still do that run under the sprinkler πŸ˜‚πŸ’™

  2. If I were your neighbor, I would gladly rise just before dawn to make sure the sprinklers would be on to tempt that child who still dwells within.

  3. Yes I agree my friend I think at times we really all do xo THANK YOU! xo

  4. If you were my neighbor I would be beyond happy because I would have a dear friend whom I could talk to and walk with and have loads of fun with as often as he could stand it!

  5. I so appreciate you and the same urge to live that way – let us never change!

  6. Then I am glad because it makes me so happy if I write something you like xo

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