Make me
she said
clenched teeth
fists placed outside knuckles or you break a finger
go on then
make me
she’s been practicing her outrage
knelt too long in good manners and stiff skirts
if you come for me
I will respond in kind
they could see in her eyes
she had nothing to lose
it happens like that
they can take you apart piece by piece
until scar tissue fuses
you are a deformed version of yourself
scaled in defiance
so best you stand aside
she’s cutting her way through her own war path
if you play with matches
better know how to extinguish a fire
before it devours
just as goodness is inviolate
until natural order is reversed
then angels become feared
devils lose their advantage
over weak men who would
enslave the future to save themselves
not her
she is clad in the keloid of her injury
teeth clenched, eyes flaming
make me if you can
when there is no high road
to claim your justice
burn burn burn
For Nathalie & Eric.

0 Replies to “Make me”

  1. I think dear Candice that message should hit home.. Loved the graphic choice too.. Sending much love my friend.. I have not been visiting as much recently to everyone.. And I missed you.. Sending big hugs your way .. <3 Sue xx

    1. Thank you so much! I hope you are all right dear Sue, I know it can be a lot of work to visit everyone’s sites, sometimes I find it hard to keep up even with the best intentions in the world, never fear, you are my friend through thick and thin xo thank you always

      1. Likewise dear Candice.. We all of us have lives outside of WP. πŸ™‚ thank you for asking, I am fine..perhaps not my usual 100% but 100% better than many on this planet.. πŸ™‚ Much love back xxx

  2. Absolutely amazing, My Fierce-hearted Shieldmaiden! ❀❀❀ thank you for associating me with this powerful work!

    1. I have to join Eric with my humble thanks. Once again I am awed by your talent and the place I hold in your heart…not to mention the image of me reflected in your work which is nothing short of inspiring.
      I love you.

      1. You inspire so much Nathalie – more than you realize – more often than you realize – ha if you knew you would not be able to go through doors for the swell of your ego! It is endearing that you do not see this, for nobody likes arrogance except the arrogant, fortunately you belong to the moon

          1. She really IS! Middle name Manon ; ) you should totally meet her (said in screechy LA accent) omg you have me the giggles, remember when we nearly died of laughter last year doing jokes at 3am yr time after GoT. Crack!

      2. I must thank YOU for being in my life, for the marvel of that, and the comfort, to know I am not alone and another has walked the same path, and stands, offering her hand of friendship in the darkness.

  3. This is powerful . . .
    And scary.
    I wouldn’t want to meet a person like this in some dark alley. Not unless I had an M-16 in one hand and rosary beads in the other!
    Michael J

  4. I was going to say, “very powerful!”… but I read a word in the comments I like even better “very fierce!!” That’s the perfect word “Fierce” oh and “Empowering” as well. πŸ™‚

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