women-looking-out-window-pic-courtesy-of-google.jpgwhen pain
is your only weapon and you put it down and say
turn the sharp on me
does it mean you are filled with hatred?
or the ecstasy of being?

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  1. Pain stops you from thinking.. and I have seen many who left scars within their bodies to escape the pain within their hearts..
    Love and More LOVE your way dear Candice.. <3

    1. Gosh that is so very, very true Sue, I believe this very much, and often others do not understand if they have not experienced this. Thank you so much my friend – I love your way also dearest dreamwalker xo

      1. No, there’s a lot I can’t even imagine. I haven’t suffered enough at a personal level. Maybe I’ve just never let it drag me so low I’ve not been able to see a way out. I can commiserate in a general way without really being able to touch what really hurts. Put it another way, if you’ve been there, touched bottom and bobbed up again, it’s so hard to imagine what it must be like to live in the murk just glimpsed at the bottom.

        1. Well said. Then I defer to your interpretation you are right, there are things nobody should ‘imagine’ or know how to feel that is very true (but it does show that you are very sensitive because you ‘get’ this’ instinctively)

          1. Thank you for saying that. I do try to empathise and manage it to an extent because we’ve all of us had knocks, even if we haven’t been driven to despair by them.

          2. You are very empathetic and you CARE and you have a good heart, all good qualities in a selfish world. I also think you do not need to have experienced knocks to be able to understand them or convey them.

          3. All sensitive people care about pain and suffering. All human beings should be sensitive. Many aren’t though, hence our downfall. Sad but true.

  2. Her love is rare- and all she’s ever wanted- was some one who understood that……. Pain is a substitute- one we could all do without. Pain reminds you constantly of the reality of being…….

    1. If we are twins then you had the unfair advantage of being the seductress, the dancer, the thinker and the muse, whilst I must content with eating custard tarts and watching you steal the heart of the world πŸ˜‰

      1. That is such BOLLOCKS Candice! You are beautiful, you are the actual dancer! And you’re a thinker and a muse and stop making me add exclamation marks all over the place it makes me look like a crazy woman haha

  3. Words aren’t coming easily lately… sometimes a silence ties my tongue. I go through phases of quite observation… and even if I don’t say enough, know that your words move me and I feel fortunate to count you as a friend.

    1. My dear friend I feel the same way, I have had bad writers block I know the feeling. There are some on here who can write ten poems a day, they are so productive in ways I could never be. We must be content with what we can do and accept I suppose those days we cannot as being part of something bigger? I know the feeling of silence tying my tongue also so I can deeply relate – just know that even if we are not in touch maybe we are in other ways I totally get that and feel that also. I feel fortunate to count you as a friend – and you are more than an online friend you are part of my tribe and I am part of yours.

      1. I love the idea of a tribe of like minded members supporting and encouraging one another. Something like that makes life worth living. Much love to you always my dear friend. ❀

        1. So do I. You’re right. It would give a purpose that sometimes when sad and feeling isolated you cannot rely upon or turn to. I have long wished for that. Many times ‘friends’ turn out to be crueler enemies than those you believed enemies, something I write about quite a bit because I like to understand everything and I cannot, cannot understand that phenomenon. But even so, I have this glimmer of belief that some friendships especially those where everything is honest, can endure. It is my meager experience those who betray a friend do so because they are filled with loathing and they wish to destroy others. I do wish they would develop a ‘test’ so we can know whom among us is liable to turn on us, but I suppose it’s called experience πŸ˜‰ I’m not there yet, I still choose unwisely at times, but I have been blessed with people like yourself whom I truly think highly of and am extremely appreciative for, if that’s not a tribe then I do not know what is πŸ™‚

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