tumblr_laafryO1sO1qcsk7wo1_500_large.jpgMy love letter was inadequate
it was written by the wrong gender
in wrong moment by left-hand
fallow in her pursuit
for whom can ask for impossible?
unless you are made of stars

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  1. What ever is impossible – can be made possible- DARE we even believe we can reach for the stars…. the answer would be yes ! Beautifuully written……..

          1. Has there ? Finland is celebrating it’s 100th anniversay of independence this year so there are things happening all year to mark the occassion.

        1. You make me smile a lot, not an easy feat. You have that way. I can still get the giggles thinking of some of our ‘fuck it by Cerci’ moments. You have a great sense of humor.

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