18 Replies to “l’ enlèvement”

  1. This . . . I hope I never know what this feels like. Passion or being passionate is such a big part of who I am.


    I think you might have died

    whilst I wasn’t looking”

    The beginning is a killer opening and the poem speaks volumes. There’s a sadness that lingers in the lines as well. Well done, Candice. *Big hugs*

  2. I wanted to say I LOVE that photo of you in the blue tshirt but comments were closed by the time my SLOW ASS got there. And I love the image you have used on your actual webpage. Of the women. Just wonderful work.

  3. Thank you, Dear Heart! The image is one I use across the board: in ACG on Medium and our page via Twitter too. I think it’s such a powerful image.

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