22 Replies to “Even”

  1. Beautiful! β€œEven thist has no desire”… I love these two lines (the rest of them too, but… you know what I mean :P)

  2. Ever in “evens” are we hopeful, Ever in “evens” yet we are sad, Ever in “evens” do we still feel love and the truths it brings in hopes of eventual peace and beautiful connections

  3. When you write micropoems, you do them justice… especially here: “Without you
    Even thirst
    Has no desire”

  4. “Testing the dura
    Of oxygen
    Without you
    Even thirst
    Has no desire”
    Those lines touch my soul, I started to cry uncontrollably. These is by FAR my favorite piece of you, I cannot put my words……. You are one of those souls that……. You know what I mean Candice, I am sure you know what I mean. Thank you for continuing writing and what is even more, sharing it with us. Thank you!!!

  5. That’s funny because people really like my shorter poems and I like my longer ones (I think I’m a navel gazer) I know my shorter ones really get the best feedback and I often put them in my books because of that. I am thankful to you and glad you liked this one xo

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