Step over the unpleasantness of dogs

people whose sweat remains in tshirts

long after washing

these lived things give you no succor

you find in grains of sand

the diorama

worth opening the mouth of

the ocean for

like Joni Mitchell as an old woman

in duvet dress and onyx skin

as if she climbed back in

and the womb remade her

a changeling creature

able to sing beneath tenderizing waves

all the days her heart strings

taunt and long

able to flaunt, preen and holler

for after we are tired and done

only the echoes of those good malted times remain

like friends who have stayed after the party

to clean up

to kick their shoes off

sit in cold rooms

with warm, warm

stamen hearts

I collapse into you as the world lurches

Your smile I can feel

even in darkness

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  1. Sorry for being so slow on seeing you posted the interview and thank you so very much

  2. That made me tear up. thank you so much for saying that. It means a lot.

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