Your courage drove my own

weaker kind

like a flower opening alongside one

that is folded

I watch, because I am more comfortable in the wings

whilst you I believe, enjoyed the hot rays of sun

it was your mercury and your intelligence

upturned face in radiant warmth, forever in

the garden of our hearts, the bloom of your mother’s best flower

I observed you, all these years, and in this time

I saw you fade and I saw your rise

in another form

because strength cannot be taken from a woman

who wants to live

even when she dies

and even as you go ahead, you are not with us physically

though your spirit, bright and unquenchable remains

a tattoo, a bird, a sunrise, the smile in a ginger cat’s eyes

there you still are

I will never forget

you, my sister of genes and thought

smiling, bending sulphur eyed, to stroke a happy dog, with arms of love

you, who lived the best, of us all.

Dearest, dearest Cordelia. Beyond nearly all your irreplaceable infectious spirit touched me again and again. I will share your words as long as I live. Those we love live in us. Bless you sweetest girl. You have grace and you are dearly beloved. May your pain be gone forever and wherever your soul lies now it also lies in all of us who cherish you. My friend. My friend. My friend. You will always be with me.

4 Replies to “Cordelia”

  1. A friend could not ask for a sweeter, more heart felt memorial. My associative mind, seeing the title, immediately went to Cordelia in King Lear, and her strength of love and courage in the face of so much tragedy and the pain of her father’s temporary rejection, Lear’s one true child to the end.

  2. “because strength cannot be taken from a woman

    who wants to live

    even when she dies”

    Peace and blessings, my friend. You have my most sincerest condolences and love. This is a lovely tribute poem, Candice. So very lovely.

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