you get to an age where

you can so easily be made fool of

if the right light is shone

blinds lifted and exposed

that parody you let unroll

the one where you’re still that antonym girl

smoking her licorice cigarettes in black paper

the punctuate of your puce nipple visible

yet you don’t have the moves quite so much

there is leather on your skin where once

all was soft

a certain gravity shakes fantasy loose

floor is harder when on your knees

save, in roll of night where

you are every bit the girl you once were

age has no hold, only frankincense and vetiver

I can lie here with you

in my arms and not concern myself

if it was twenty years ago or

this morning; you are unchanged

in the magnolia glow of dawn

as that woman who inherits

sun from yellow roses

left on her full cheeks

a permanent blush

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  1. Love that stays with a hint of nostalgia drives it close to home. Unfailingly casting spells.

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