14gottschalk3-jumboWe learned to swim

in the flickering pools of each other’s eyes

desire born in quiet step and curtsy

before I ever touched you outside this dream world

you were the betroth of my sleep

we circled each other in origami folds

acquainting, never strangers, always known

as if time held us apart long enough, to generate

in the deep cry of longing, a hallowed place

where only those destined for the other

shall like painted flowers, made of paper

embrace, release and turn to ink

coloring water the stain of lacquered longing

reborn on latticed wing of desire

to breathe again in the surround of this singular girl

for you, are my pendant, hung close to my heart

you do not tarnish or fade in intensity

you are the twitch in my smile, a muscle pulling

upward each time I think of you

it is as if, with every turning day

a part of me becomes dissolved

like sugar in tea sweetens what is plain

I am able to see in you, what you no longer can

those vestiges you put away

in a box too high for reclaiming

where your silver rings and sunlit hair

lies dormant, replaced by sensible overcooked hours

I was perhaps, born to return color to your cheeks

even as it grows dark I see your

sleek head bowed in feigned peace

knowing if I were admitted into

the sanctum of your unspoken sorrow

where peach hued roses bloom fragrant

there would be a blush again

marking darkness exquisite

as the silhouette of your dusky butterfly

brands my marrow indelibly

for it is simple; two people who did not plan

falling out of the sky, meet the other

everything changes, if they leave behind fear

we are not given wings, if meant to only walk earth

you send me to heights I could not

describe before you walked into my life

claiming my tiptoeing heart

we who are dancers of dusk and dawn

whisper secrets stored so long

out into infinity and beyond

she who is diminutive and siren

hear my song

42 Replies to “Yehudit”

  1. Good point friend. And thank you! I don’t get many new followers on here, but on FB I do. Thank you so much! I like WP over FB any day anyway and totally agree, not numbers but quality. I appreciate you stopping by my friend. I hope you are doing okay? Me, I’ve been struggling with my health hence not writing too much but hopefully things will change when I move. xo

  2. Absolutely gorgeous… just like every other thing you write, your deep well of a soul pulls through. I was intensely struck by three lines in particular. I quite simply adore this.

    “we circled each other in origami folds”
    “you send me to heights I could not”
    “whisper secrets stored so long”

  3. No! Omg. I’m so sorry my friend. 8 know a bit about that can I help? The Mayo has a special treatment that is really innovative, send me an email I will reply and send you the information if it would help?

  4. For me it is. Even if you said nothing, I would still read and support you. You deserve light and love and peace to be held in your palm. If you could see you the way I do, well, you’d see shining beauty.

  5. ❤ ❤ ❤ And this line “you are the twitch in my smile, a muscle pulling upward each time I think of you”, makes me immediately imagine you doing exactly that! 🙂

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