I feel discouraged by WordPress (WP) banning my personal site (this) for life from following other WordPress sites. I have written letters of explanation to WP, explaining if I ‘followed’ 30 people’s sites in one day, it may be because I’m not on WP often (I pre-schedule posts) and follow handfuls of people at a time for the purpose of garnering talented writers. WP banned me FOR LIFE from following any further WP sites, and has refused my numerous appeals. It behooves them for people like myself to promote WP authors through publications, I did no harm but am treated like I’m Trump and it’s Twitter. After 7 years on WP it’s disheartening. I cannot leave WP because I’ve built my site and contacts there. The bigger picture discourages me. To work so hard and get slapped down. I feel social media can do this with us writers/editors/publishers when it ignores the hard work we do. I hear this from FB folk all the time whose personal pages are ignored. I wish there were some way to push back. When all we are doing is creative work. How is that in the same ballpark as spamming? Would any of those who I followed really have objected my following? When it gave them a chance to find out about publishing opportunities.

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  1. WTF?? I clicked the Like button although I intensely DISLIKE the need for this post. What is going on? I sometimes follow 10 blogs in a day if I’m having a dedicated WP day… how can this be their policy?? You are an Artist! With a capital fucken A! I don’t get it; what can we do?? xxx G

  2. The scandalous thing is that MANY corporate, journalistic, and sites of all sorts use WP as its platform so it’s damn difficult to avoid it.

  3. Yeah, I read your previous post on this and wondered if there had been any headway. It’s an outrage! This ban should be revoked – if only for the excellent use of ‘behooves’! Good luck.

  4. I find it incomprehensible how they manage to equate Following and viewing the content for which the platform presumably exists with Spamming or some such. How can they (or “it”, an algorithm) not understand that it is to their advantage for the writers who post here to be published in print? I don’t understand their problem, and how they think your activity somehow threatens their business model. Even if I did, I would be no less angry.

  5. Wow, I don’t know what to say but this sounds crazy. I can’t believe WP would do that. Why would they ban you for life from following others? That’s so extreme, and I really don’t see a problem here with what you’re doing. You engage with others, you give these amazing opportunities, are active in the writing community, where’s the problem here WP?

    So sorry you’re going through this. <3

    Maybe you can start a new site and have this be a redirect or something? Just a thought I had, but it's understandable why you'd rather keep the site you have; that's the work you built up and starting it all over from the beginning would be disheartening.

  6. So sorry to hear about all this – Still??? This doesn’t seem right, reasonable or logical??? I hope there is a way you can get this resolved?? Perhaps you know an attorney friend that could help?
    xoxox πŸ˜ŠπŸ’–πŸŒΉ

  7. Devastated this has not found some resolve! The people who are truly scamming hurt more than themselves and their victims; they touch the innocent too and result in this kind of injustice. Sending much love. Writing about your frustrations is one way to find some peace! <3

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